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Rescue Medicine Emergency Ebola Advisory for International Corporations

Rescue Medicine is a international health security and medical evacuation organization that has been delivering care to patients with Ebola and Marburg Viral Disease in Angola, Democratic Republic of Congo, and Uganda since 2001. To date Rescue Medicine has over 500 direct patient encounters with Ebola patients and was recognized for achieving one of the highest case survival rates in Africa.

The 2014 Ebola Zaire outbreak in West Africa has however changed the organization’s posture in preparing, deploying and caring for the patients of Ebola viral disease. This outbreak is unprecedented in magnitude, in area of impact, and in the first major involvement of African cities. The prospects for further spread to high-density populations in other African nations and to nations connected by culture, commerce and kinship is significant.

For this reason recommendations are needed to assist expatriate corporations in protecting their employees, their continuity of infrastructure and in the engagement of local, national and international health authorities. This briefing is written and revised on a 48 hour cycle to give your organization the most up-to-date information about Ebola in West Africa and among travelers to Europe, Asia and the Americas.

Click here: RM Ebola Recs for a downloadable PDF of this briefing, or continue reading below.

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